You have found that special someone who gets you.

Who makes you laugh at the silliest faces. Who knows that exact moment that you need a huge hug. 

The man that has come to support you with all the big decisions you've faced, along with those little ones too.

You have grown together with your years together. Building a home together, sharing late nights chatting about what is ahead for the two of you.

Your families have blended together sharing holidays with you being thankful that no one scared him off with their crazy jokes.

With all that you have created together, you are wanting to create images that will show off the love that you two have for each other along with all your amazing friends and family that will be joining you on your wedding day.

The people that are going to be surrounding you are what matters most. All that you have shared with your bridesmaids over your years of friendship, all those smiles you want to be captured in your wedding photos.  

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Hi, I am Brendan and I am a film photographer of amazingly happy people.

You can most likely find me in a coffee shop like Monogram or be enjoying some amazing food at one of Calgary amazing restaurants like Pigeonhole.

Your laughs, smiles, and tears will happen and I would love to be there to capture them all effortlessly and always genuinely.

Having shot weddings in Mexico, America, Ontario and throughout Alberta and being featured on Joy Wed, 100 Layer Cake and Wedding Sparrow.

Above all, I want to take the time to get to know you.

Photo By: Jonathan Canlas