Photo By: Jonathan Canlas

Hi, I am Brendan and I am a film photographer of amazingly happy people.

You can most likely find me in a coffee shop like Monogram or be enjoying some amazing food at one of Calgary amazing restaurants like Pigeonhole.

Your laughs, smiles, and tears will happen and I would love to be there to capture them all effortlessly and always genuinely.

I come from studying and working in commercial photography in Toronto. This background has led me to develop my own unique style by blending commercial techniques with natural film photography. 

My love of working with film came from an amazing mentor and friend Jonathan Canlas. Taking workshops and conferences from industry leaders across America. I have come to learn the nuances of film and how to perfect beautiful imagery.

Having shot weddings in Mexico, America, Ontario and throughout Alberta and being featured on Joy Wed, 100 Layer Cake and Wedding Sparrow.

Above all, I want to take the time to get to know you.

To hear about your adventures, your story, and even your fears.These stories were what made me fall in love with weddings photography.

Your images that I will capture are based on honesty. The times of laughing with friends and being surrounded by love from your families. The small moments, embracing the touch of your husband and hugs from bridesmaids and all of those that have come out from your special day.

It's important for me to get to know you on a personal level, as your wedding day will be one of the most intimate days of your life.  I'm there to document the next step of your journey and our initial meeting will help me understand your relationship, the family that you are wanting to support and the life you are creating together.

You have put in time and personality into your event and I want to showcase that. To capture the moments as they unfold. To guide you with gentle direction, to place a hand or bend a knee to make you look your best.